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The Delta Group is unique as a full-service financial advisory firm offering a common sense approach to financial matters. Partners Eric Dahl and Patricia Williams have been serving the financial needs of their clients through 30 years of market cycles embracing strategies which seek simple, understandable solutions to the complex issues resulting from the demands of today’s global economy.

The Delta Group partners have a deep understanding of how to protect and grow your money and a solid reputation for forward-thinking and sound advice. Because  your goals and current financial situation are unique, we balance risk and return according to your comfort level, and we seek to tailor your investments to match your personal preferences. The Delta Group seeks to work with clients who are willing to listen and are open to financial wellness through practical advice.

Eric Drew Dahl is a licensed security principal and financial advisor with a background in economics and has extensive experience in financial analysis and investment management. He uses computer modeling to analyze various investment options and helps clients make the best choices to improve their financial situation. Eric is also versed in life insurance and annuities.

Patricia Williams, Ed.D. is a licensed security principal and financial adviser, a life insurance and annuities agent, and a real estate broker with experience in loan analysis and placement, long-term planning, and strategic investment. She excels at the organizational  implementation of plans and assures investments are both diverse and appropriate for meeting clients’ goals

Mascots Rosie, Brady & Snoop-Dog

Mascots Rosie, Brady & Snoop-Dog


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