Step one: Decisions about investment segments
The investment process begins with an assessment of  your personal goals, retirement, home ownership, education, etc;, which are translated, through our proprietary spreadsheet analysis, into required rates of return to achieve those goals. We consider your sensitivities to risk and market fluctuations, an appropriate distribution between lower return, more stable fixed income assets (bonds), and higher returns variable assets (stocks) when suggesting investment vehicles


Step two: Specific specific purchase suggestions
Next, a second allocation is developed relative to market prices, valuations and yields.  Within the fixed income segment, consideration is given to bond quality (AAA Treasuries vs. BBB Corporates) and length of maturity (1- 30 years), plus economic cycle and  expected performance. Within the stock segment, we recommend a broad diversification among small, medium and large capitalization stocks, and well as foreign securities to provide more consistent returns. Stock portfolios as well as mutual funds are utilized due to their cost-effective means for achieving a well-balanced portfolio.

Step three: Review
Accounts are monitored for performance, relative to the desired result.  Periodic review and Performance Summaries are provided to clients, as are opportunities for face to face meetings during the course of the year.

Assets under management are held in client’s name at Wedbush Securities, a regional brokerage firm in Los Angeles.
Securities Offered Through: OAK TREE SECURITIES INC | Member: FINRA, SIPC, MSRB