and the after-tax cash-flow effect

When contemplating a move to California, the “sticker” shock can be daunting. Although compensation packages are “robust”, affordability of “inflated” home prices and a higher cost of living is unknown.
The financial analysis from The Delta Group replaces confusion and procrastination with “black and white” bottom line calculations to let individuals focus on the virtues of the career and family move.
Adapted to your particular details, (i.e., debt, children, second income) spreadsheet models replaces “back of envelope” scribble and midnight cold sweats. Our five-year look projects beyond short term relocation benefits and offers a realistic view of the basic compensation package.
The Delta Group makes the cost of relocation more accurate and realistic.

Having worked with employers and new hires for more than 25 years, we’ve developed a spreadsheet model to identify down payment requirement and calculates the after-tax cash flow effect of various home price scenarios. This analysis clarifies and accurately predicts the need for financial assistance from employers. Job candidates can more accurately balance housing costs against their new salary and make decisions with confidence.

The Delta Group’s Relocation Analysis

  1. Collect pertinent hiring data from employer. Gather general salary, benefits and potential relocation assistance as well as an estimate of housing costs.
  2. Contact recruit to gather specific details of his/her financial circumstances, including available equity, debt payments, and other cash flow considerations.
  3. Input relevant info into spreadsheet with objective of clarifying financial deficiencies, including negative cash flow and down payment shortfalls.
  4. Review analysis with employer. Revise data as necessary with suggested financial assistance for presentation to recruit.
  5. Review analysis with recruit. Revise as necessary.
  6. Review candidate’s overall reaction/satisfaction with employer.
  7. Repeat the process as housing requirements are clarified.

Cost: $300/hr, $600 minimum. Average time: 2 – 3 hours.